NWP’s New Business Intelligence Data Warehouse for Utility Management is Useful for Small to Large Multifamily Portfolios

Irvine, Calif.–NWP Services Corp. (NWP) has introduced a new Business Intelligence Data Warehouse, called ConsumptionSmart, now available as an additional feature with the company’s UtilityPay Manager product offering. “Data warehouse/business intelligence applications have become an integral part of the multifamily housing industry landscape,” says Jim Charles, senior vice president of product management and engineering. “Property managers want a flexible decision making and planning utility data infrastructure that supports their utility management requirements, and that is where NWP helps. “With ConsumptionSmart’s data mining capabilities, customers go beyond simple query and reporting capabilities to incorporate predictive power in utility expense management decisions,” adds Charles.  NWP’s UtilityPay Manager customers can now access ConsumptionSmart through their NWP online accounts. ConsumptionSmart features an upgraded user interface and all new reporting, trending and benchmarking tools designed to help property owners and operators better understand their utility data and assist them in making better decisions about how to achieve their utility management goals today and into the future.”BI isn’t just for large multifamily housing portfolios,” according to Gentile. In recent years BI has grown across industries and organizations of all sizes. Small and medium-sized multifamily portfolios can also gain efficiencies in supply and demand side utility management and servicing their residents, managing their financial performance, optimizing their supply chains, and identifying opportunities for better cash management,

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