ASI Releases New Tile Line Inspired by London Underground

Architectural Systems Inc. has introduced the Metro Tile Collection, a product line with a plethora of choices inspired by the London Tube system.

Jubilee line in the Metro Tile Collection

New York–Architectural Systems Inc., the international distributor of architectural and design materials, has introduced the Metro Tile Collection, a line of products inspired by the London Tube system. The collection, which comes in a wide variety of shapes, colors and finishes, has a keen attention to detail that can bring the art deco feel of the ornate underground stations to multifamily, hospitality and retail projects. Larissa Nahari, marketing director at ASI, says that the plethora of design options is what really makes this line unique.

The Metro Tile Collection is separated into five different product groups, each with a choice of a banner/accent tiles that can turn a wall into a piece of art. The Victoria line has five different soft muted colors with a choice of either a beveled or flat surface. The mesh-mounted tiles come in a number of sizes, including  2” x 4” tiles mounted on a 12” x 12” sheet, 6” x 6” square tiles, 4” x 4” square tiles, 3” x 3” square tiles, 4” x 12” tiles, 2” x 8” tiles, 3” x 6” tiles and decorative features, and a series of liners and end pieces. The Bakerloo line is available in the same sizes in a solid glaze gloss finish in a series of three off-white colors. It was recently featured at the flagship location of Aeropostale at Times Square in Manhattan. The wall behind the registers is a spot on representation (albeit much cleaner) of what the walls of an authentic New York subway station look like.

The Piccadilly line offers more of a traditional design option with jade, white, parchment and pebble colors available in 6” x 6” and 3 x 6” sizes with a crackle glass finish. The decorative tiles offer a royal feel and can be played off a line of baseboards, moldings and liners available in the same color scheme. The Central line comes in contemporary shape and both neutral (white, gray, and black) and earthy (canvas, concrete and brown) color schemes. These tiles are available in 6” x 12” and 3” x 12” sizes. There is also a full line of baseboards, corner pieces, moldings and liners.

The Jubilee line is by far the boldest offering in the Metro Collection. These diamond tiles are available in a flat, rounded or beveled shape that can be creatively incorporated into any project. Colors include white, bone, and pillow, which all come standard in a solid glaze gloss. There is also an option for modern textured chrome. Accent dots fill in the space above and below the squared-off diamond tiles with a bold small square tile with a raised half-sphere.

All five lines can be supplemented with a full range of 3” x 12” mosaic-style accents with colors that range from vibrant blues to soft opals.

The Metro Tile Collection is part of the line of ASI Sustainable Products and can contribute to LEED ID Credit 1: Innovation in Design. ASI is currently in the process of finalizing the official number of LEED points the tiles can contribute to a project. The tiles are made from recycled materials and manufactured in a factory in Spain that follows all responsible manufacturing processes.

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