Nancy Packes and Cooper Square Collaborate on New Developments

New York–Nancy Packes, Inc., a New York-based broker and consultant to developers and owners of residential properties, has joined forces with Cooper Square Realty, the largest residential property management company in New York City. The two companies have formed an exclusive joint venture to bring their respective areas of expertise to new development projects.

Key to the alliance is the sharing of their proprietary databases. Cooper Square Realty’s Connect technology integrates all property management and resident functions into a single operating platform. The database’s tenant profiles include demographics, maintenance and service history, communication logs, payment history, tenant satisfaction surveys and amenity use.

Nancy Packes, Inc. has developed a proprietary Internet-based system to record all activity in connection with a new rental lease, from phone calls and emails through leases and renewals. The database has an intelligence system for optimizing pricing based on various factors, and is designed to communicate electronically with the Cooper Square Realty database.

This combined information will be used to present analysis and insight to developers and building owners, from recommending rental rates and developing an appropriate operating budget to maximizing net operating income and increasing resident retention rates.

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