Special Report: Multifamily Policy Watch

Apartment Policy Watch: Key Issues for the Multifamily Business

Policies that impact the multifamily industry often don’t make the evening news, but quite a few government decisions under discussion could significantly affect your business. That makes it critical to keep up with which ones may produce challenges or create opportunities.

In this MHN special report, you’ll find expert insights from the likes of Berkadia, Avanath Capital, the National Apartment Association and the National Association of Home Builders about the policy trends shaping three crucial areas:

  • Affordable housing: With LIHTC credits in short supply, recent steps by the Federal Housing Administration have significant implications for expanding housing, as does a game-changing affordable housing policy proposal in Congress.
  • Zoning: NIMBYism presents a constant challenge, yet innovative approaches to zoning could produce new solutions. A controversial Minneapolis initiative might provide a model for other jurisdictions.
  • Sustainability: As New York and California raise the green building standard for communities, they also increase financial pressures on operators. On the plus side, expanded PACE and other funding sources are complementing state and local incentives.

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