Multi-Housing News: Inside the May 2013 Issue

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Read the articles from the latest digital issue of Multi-Housing News.

Editor’s Note: Is it Time for a Fresh Start?

Savvy management and capital dollars revive troubled assets.

Executive Insight: Turnaround Experts

Adam Stein on WinnDevelopment’s Adaptive Reuse Strategy.

Finance & Investment: GSE Pullback

Multi-housing readies for less financing from Fannie and Freddie.

Market Report: New Dawn

Multifamily in California sees renaissance as economic woes recede.

Operations: Creative Revenue

New ideas for earning ancillary income at apartment communities.

Marketing: Reinventing Older Properties

How to compete with the new crop of buildings hitting the market.

Trends: Staying Competitive

How to keep up-to-date with student housing trends.

Development & Design: Second Lease

Inside the process of adapting former office buildings into high-end multifamily properties.

Upgrades: Lighting Apartment Corridors

Five ways to solve a common area conundrum.

Green Beat: Prevent Water Waste

The EPA’s water-efficiency labeling program is now available to multifamily.

Technology: Where Tech Meets Touch

Cooper Square Realty’s hands-on learning center teaches multifamily maintenance.

Products & Services: Common Areas

Give residents a reason to stay home.

Renters’ Choice: Household Appliances

What residents value most in kitchen and laundry amenities.

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