MHN Special Report: The Viability of Office-to-Residential Conversions

Download our guide to learn the current dynamics of adaptive reuse projects and review our four-point practical checklist.

There’s growing interest in office to multifamily conversion, and for good reason. This adaptive reuse can help close the apartment supply gap, promote urban revitalization and cut construction time. Major cities are providing financial incentives and taking other steps to mitigate the cost of conversion. Yet for all their potential benefits, office-to-multifamily makeovers are notoriously challenging, and not every office conversion makes sense.

In this MHN special report, Office-to-Residential Conversions: Making the Choice, learn:

  • How to assess whether a project works financially
  • The characteristics that make for an ideal conversion
  • Which major cities are stepping up incentives
  • The risks and pitfalls that may trip you up

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