Manhattan Developer First to Go Green with Battery Storage Technology

Glenwood, a New York-based developer, is the first to use the Demand Shifter, a "DVR for electricity."

By Jessica Fiur, News Editor

New York—The best part of DVR is that you can save TV programs for later and watch them at your leisure. Demand Energy Networks Inc., an energy storage company, has taken this principle and applied it to making multifamily greener with the Demand Shifter, a “DVR for electricity.”

The Demand Shifter stores power that’s available during off-peak times in a building, and then it uses this stored power during peak hours. This helps lower electricity bills and helps ease demand on buildings’ energy grids.

Glenwood, a multifamily developer, is going to be the first to use the Demand Energy system in two of their luxury buildings in Manhattan. These buildings include the Barclay Tower and The Caldwell.

Demand Energy’s energy storage system uses network management and power conversion technologies, as well as battery technology, which was developed with partner C&D Technologies.

The Demand Shifter has the potential to make many buildings more environmentally sound. In addition to helping lower energy bills, it can help integrate systems such as wind and solar power.

Glenwood anticipates a greater demand for green technology in their current portfolio of multifamily properties in the future.

“We view our work with Demand Energy as an important part of the future of smarter, more sustainable development,” Josh London, vice president of management, Glenwood, said in a press statement. “This pioneering technology continues our goal of providing residents with a higher quality of life by incorporating green design and the latest innovations that promote efficiency.”

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