Renters’ Choice: High-Tech

Is your community tech savvy? This month MHN and Kingsley Associates ask renters how they feel about smart technology at their apartments.

“It would be beneficial to add technology-enabled management, such as credit card-run washing machines and dryers, credit card payment for rent and electronic submission of work orders.” —Los Angeles

“A Nest thermostat or other Wi-Fi-connected thermostat is necessary. It’s 2017 and the rental rate is too high for this basic feature to be missing.” —Atlanta

“Apartment management must take more responsibility of keeping the complex secure and safe by installing CCTV cameras. Safety is a concern here, and this would allow for better security.” —Charlotte, N.C.

“More efficient technology should be installed, such as a call box for letting in visitors at all of the entrances, so I do not have to give visitors complicated instructions to get to my apartment from the main front door.” —Plano, Texas

“Eliminate the necessity of having to carry a key fob for entry and exit through each door. The fob should only be required to open the garage gate.” —San Jose, Calif.

“Even though the apartment does not install smart features in their units, I would like to have the option to install smart home features on my own dime.” —Pasco, Wash.

“For being a new building, I would expect increased technology, such as keyless entry, video security and enhanced safety features within the complex and units.” —Tampa, Fla.

“I would like to find a complex that uses solar power and has free Wi-Fi, smart thermostats, smart locks and smart appliances.” —Grand Forks, N.D.

“I would like to see smart-house technology used in the complex. This includes smart locks in apartments, mobile accessibility for common-area access, keyless entry, USB ports built into outlets and pre-built TV mounts.” —San Antonio

“It would be helpful to have iPads or tablets at the front desk to fill out the leasing forms if everything is paperless. I had to use my phone for one of the contracts, which was inconvenient.” —Denver

“It would be nice to have programmable thermostats, so that I can reduce energy use when I’m at work without having to remember to change the thermostat manually.” —Newark, Del.

“Renewing the lease through the website was a total failure. After several interactions, phone calls and emails, we had to go to old-fashioned print leases. Paperless technology is great, until there’s a glitch in the system.” —Arlington, Va.

“The ability to create work orders from the mobile phone app is an A+. As a busy business person, I am unable to call the office, and the app is convenient to use during late hours.” —Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

“The apartments have all the latest technology features and beautiful aesthetics, making this apartment complex the best in the area for the price.” —Charlotte, N.C.

“Due to crime being a problem in our area, I think a camera system or some high-tech security program would be extremely useful in our complex.” —Corona, Calif.

“The only thing that could make our living experience better is a mobile or online shuttle tracking service, so we know when the shuttle will come.” —Baltimore

“When our lights burnt out, maintenance changed all of our track bulbs to LED lights, which added so much light to our apartment, and we were thrilled.” —Tampa, Fla.

“You could probably attract more potential residents by adding electric vehicle charging stations. Although we are satisfied with the unit we will be renting, if a competitor had electric vehicle charging stations, we would have rented there.” —Roswell, Ga.


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