High Tech Radiant Artwork Heats Things Up

Prestyl USA has launched a line of far-infrared heating panels disguised as artwork. The pieces can be customized with literally any image, and are an excellent choice for eco- and dollar-friendly warmth in both common spaces and furnished units.

Prestyl Radiant Heating Artwork

Spokane, Wash.–When the leaves and temperatures drop you can expect your property’s utility bill to do the opposite. Smart building managers should look for simple solutions that reduce energy costs, especially in common areas. But what if your new space heater could make that room more attractive, or even strengthened your brand? What if installing that new heater was as simple as hanging a picture?

Prestyl USA has just launched a line of ‘far-infrared’ Radiant Artwork heating panels, which can be customized with literally any image. The heating element derives from an extremely efficient and reliable French thin-film technology that has been used in aircraft, ships, trains homes and public buildings overseas for close to two decades. Prestyl has now incorporated this technology into printed artwork or ceiling modules that can silently, and attractively, heat any space.

Prestyl Radiant Heating Artwork

Infrared heat is efficient because the technology heats surfaces, not air. This means that warmth does not escape when a door is opened, but rather stays in the floors and other objects. The end result is a balanced multidirectional warming experience. The panels are silent because there is no air movement. The technology also prevents moisture buildup, which can aid in the constant battle against mold in wetter climates.

According to Prestyl, the thin-film heaters have a 15 to 50 percent energy savings over traditional heating methods. The panels require no plumping or air-ducts, and are simply plugged in to a regular outlet. Sizes range from 24 by 24 inches, 24 by 48 inches, and 41.5 by 41.5 inches. Prices range from $350 to $700 per unit.

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