For Renters, Is Sharing Caring?

What do residents think of the sharing economy at communities? MHN and Kingsley Associates partner to find out.

“With new quick food services like Amazon’s Prime Now, Instacart and Postmates, there should be dedicated parking spots for delivery cars.” —Scottsdale, Ariz.

“It would be convenient to have a streaming video of the outside entrances to see who is requesting entrance or to see if my Lyft/Uber has arrived.” —Laguna Niguel, Calif.

“I will only live in a community if they do not allow Airbnb, VRBO or Homeaway. These services ruin the community feel of the complex.” —Anaheim, Calif.

“I vehemently object to allowing residents to rent their unit through Airbnb! Responsible residents have the right to safe and clean communal areas.” —Los Angeles

“I really don’t like that so many apartments are being used like hotel rooms through Airbnb. It’s unfair that we have no clue who these people are.” —Los Angeles

“There needs to be a dedicated zone for Uber pick up and drop off. Without a dedicated area, Uber drivers instead just block the driveway entrance and gates.” —Los Angeles

“The one-bedroom apartments are too expensive. However, if residents were allowed to use Airbnb, I would get a two bedroom and rent out the second room to help with monthly payments.” —San Jose

“Airbnb would greatly increase unit value. I would be willing to pay more for rent if we could rent out our units using Airbnb.” —Denver

“Strict leases that don’t allow Airbnb aren’t cool If I’m going to be out of town for a week or a month, I have renters’ insurance and I am willing to risk my own things. Short-term rentals are commonplace and will not inconvenience other renters.” —Washington, D.C.

“A designated rideshare pickup area would be great! Drivers never know where to pick up around our complex.” —Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

“Allow residents to have Rover dog walkers access our units without having to put down an extra deposit.” —Tampa, Fla.

“The Uber/Lyft drivers stop and park wherever they please, which creates an unsafe situation for all of us riding bikes.” —Miami Beach, Fla.

“We need a community board where residents can ask other residents to watch their dog for a fee (similar to Rover, but within the community).” —Atlanta

“Having a Zipcar parking spot would be a huge plus for those who don’t have cars like myself.” —Minneapolis

“Get rid of Zipcar. It takes up prime parking spots and I never know what car I’m going to get. Nowadays, people can get an Uber to take them wherever they need to go.” —Raleigh, N.C.

“With so many apartments in one area, we should share more amenities between buildings. I would pay more to be able to use the pool at the neighboring building since we do not have one.” —Jersey City, N.J.

“There should be more shared resources around the complex such as bike rentals, a community library to share book sand movies, and a game room with board games and video games.” —Greenville, S.C.

“We should have a resident-only bike share system, like Riide or Zagster, for quick trips to the mall or the library without having to use a car. There are bike lanes that go up toward the city center and it would be great to take advantage of them” —Springfield, Va.

“Every time I get an Uber, the driver often has a hard time locating my building. Some better signage would be extremely helpful (or a designated spot to tell the Uber where to go).” —Mountlake Terrace, Wash.

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