Do Renters Feel a Sense of Community Spirit at Their Apartments?

MHN partnered with Kingsley Associates to find out how residents feel about living in their communities.

Renters_FocusIs it just a place to hang their hats, or do your residents really feel connected to their apartment community? This month, MHN partnered with Kingsley Associates to find out how resident feel about living in their communities.

“I enjoy having friends and family come visit, and I’m constantly telling friends about the community when I know they are unhappy living in other complexes.” —Tempe, Ariz.

“I have only lived here one month, but I feel isolated and people do not seem very friendly. It all seems very impersonal.” —New York

“People are very friendly. It’s nice to see that many tenants have lived here for a long time.” —New York

“This community of residents seems of high caliber along with the staff, which also lends to the environment here. Residents are kind and friendly on the elevator.” —Kirkland, Wash.

“I find that the new leasing staff is not friendly and truly uninterested. They make no attempt to engage in conversation or even try to remember who you are.” —Seattle

“Maintenance workers are always friendly and smiling — always a pleasure. They’re also friendly with my dogs, so that’s a plus.” —Los Angeles

“I like the fact that there is quiet at crucial times at night practiced by all residences, and soon to be smoke-free. Very rare fore many communities.” —San Diego

“My wife and I love living here — this is home. We love the office staff and words can’t express how great the service team is. Home sweet home!” —Sandy Springs, Ga.

“The staff is so warm, friendly and very sincere. One of the major reasons that I chose to live where I do was because of the way that I was received on the day that I came to look.” —Chicago

“There are no community events that I know of. Nice neighbors (except for the one who stole my doormat), but I rarely ever meet them.” —Portland, Ore.

“This past year I had a noise issue with my neighbors and the management staff took my concerns seriously, followed through on the issue, and it was ultimately resolved.” —Seattle

“One suggestion for the managers if they are not living on-site” Community leaders make the most impact if they go out to the neighborhood and walk around, observe and talked to people; it doesn’t work as well if you just sit in the office waiting for people to stop by with problems.” —Plainsboro, N.J.

“This is the first time I have actually been in an apartment community where I’ve gotten to know some of my neighbors. It feels like a home and I have more pride in this place than anywhere else I have rented.” —Levittown, Pa.

“Every resident I have met here seems very nice, but we don’t have any events drawing us together socially. A weekend breakfast, barbeque, catered event wine tasting, local hike…anything that draws people to mingle a bit.” —Scottsdale, Ariz.

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