DEAL OF THE DAY: Occupancy Offset by Low Leverage in Arbor’s $1.5M Fannie Mae Small Loan

Pittsburg, Calif – Arbor Commercial Funding LLC recently funded a $1,500,000 loan under the Fannie Mae DUS Small Loan product line for the 48-unit complex known as Villa Serena Apartments in Pittsburg, Calif.

The 10-year loan amortizes on a 20-year schedule and carries a note rate of 5.56 percent.

The loan was originated by Brian Scharf, director, in Arbor’s full-service Uniondale, N.Y. lending office. “The low-leverage request on Villa Serena was easy to execute,” says Scharf. “Current occupancy levels required a waiver from Fannie Mae; however, given the long-term ownership and low-leverage level, the deal was approved and closed in five weeks.”

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