Cyber-Rain Brings ‘Smart Irrigation’ to the Palm of Your Hand

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Cyber-Rain, makers of Internet-based smart sprinkler controller systems, introduces XCI Cloud, an application that lets property owners and managers monitor and control watering from any location.

Encino, Calif.—A sprinkler system that keeps landscaping lush can really boost curb appeal and resident satisfaction. The problem is that most sprinkler control systems are based on timers that need to be manually adjusted. This wastes hundreds of millions of gallons of water each year because plants are watered when they don’t need to be. Property managers looking to keep their grass green and water bill small might want to check out the services offered by Cyber-Rain, makers of Internet-based smart sprinkler controller systems.

According to Cyber-Rain, the system can reduce landscape water use by 30 to 70 percent by automatically adjusting for local weather. Gone are the days of cringing at the sprinklers that are on full blast during a downpour. And thanks to a new tool called XCI Cloud, property owners and managers can oversee an unlimited number of sprinkler controllers from any computer connected to the Internet. This allows users to monitor and control watering—as well as access water use data and costs—from any location.  An iPhone app even lets XCI Cloud users control watering when a computer isn’t available or convenient.

Cyber-Rain estimates that its customers have saved nearly 120 million gallons of water using the system, which can qualify for several water-efficiency rebates. Saved water is saved money. A Cyber-Rain system can help property managers save up to 40 percent on water bills. With e-mail alerts that keep users informed of valve/controller failures, there is no more worrying about whether or not your sprinklersystem is running efficiently as possible.

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