Commercial Real Estate Solutions’ New Tool Lets Brokers Create Marketing Materials

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Commercial real estate consulting firm Commercial Real Estate Solutions has introduced

Eugene Gilligan, Contributing Editor

Beverly Hills, Calif.–Commercial real estate consulting firm Commercial Real Estate Solutions has introduced CRES-Tek, a subscriber-based marketing system that provides brokers with a tool to create property marketing collateral in a format consistent with the professional brand of their company.

From a single point of entry, the web-based system automates the creation of property websites, listing proposals, marketing brochures, executive summaries, financial analysis, sale and lease flyers, and exports the materials to the leading online commercial real estate listing services for properties for sale and/or lease. The system also gives each broker the ability to market themselves with their own personalized marketing web page.

While several of these types of products are on the market, CRES-Tek’s flexibility will enable it to stand out, says Ingrid van Arnhem, senior executive vice president and COO of Commercial Real Estate Solutions.

For example, for a multi-family property, CRES-Tek allows the mix of unit types in a property to be displayed.

“A broker can create a website for the property, but if that’s something you don’t want to do, you don’t have to,” van Arnhem said. A broker can also create marketing materials for a property before she sees the owner, instead of promising to do that if she gets the listing, van Arnheim said.

The biggest clients for CRES-Tek will likely be one-person brokerages, or small or mid-sized brokerages. Many times, small and mid-sized brokerage firms will send out marketing materials that lack a consistent identity, she said.

CRES-Tek will allow these firms to present a “consistent company image,” van Arnhem said.

Commercial Real Estate Solutions is currently marketing CRES-Tek to local, regional and national commercial real estate firms in the U.S., after beta testing it with several brokers.

The subscription rate for CRES-Tek will be $55 per month per user, for a one year period.

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