White Papers

Multifamily Absorption Mounts a Comeback

Trends so far in 2021 show a striking change of direction, writes Yardi Matrix Research Director Paul Fiorilla.

Multifamily REITs

Multifamily REIT Q1 Rent Preview

Yardi Matrix data and analysis on eight publicly traded apartment companies.

New Plan for Fannie, Freddie Threads the Needle

What’s next for the GSEs: Yardi Matrix Research Director Paul Fiorilla assesses a major agreement.

For Fannie and Freddie, Big Decisions Await

An analysis of the crucial issues facing the GSEs from Paul Fiorilla, director of research at Yardi Matrix.

Affordable Housing and the Candidates: Analysis

Yardi Matrix Research Director Paul Fiorilla takes a deep dive into what the Trump and Biden plans mean for housing policy.

Apartment Debt Metrics Mostly Solid, But Gateway Metros Feeling Stress

Analysis shows loans backed by apartments have seasoned well and generally have a strong cushion against default, explains Paul Fiorilla and Ben Bruckner of Yardi Matrix.

Eviction Wave Still at Sea: Will It Make Land?

Paul Fiorilla of Yardi Matrix sheds light on how the multifamily industry continues to brace for an increase in missed rent payments.

Multifamily Industry Front and Center in Policy Debates

Housing policies are in the spotlight in the national election and in many statehouses around the country. Here’s a look at what’s at stake in 2020.

Rent Control Makes a Comeback as Housing Crisis Grows

Years of above-trend rent growth have led to a renewed push for states to set limits, with three passing new laws in 2019.

US Multifamily Supply & Demand Forecasts by Metro

Some of the top 30 U.S. metros over the next five years might be at risk of oversupply—while others might need new units.