Self Storage (Matrix)

Self Storage Rents Continue to Slow Down

Year-over-year rent growth was slowest since mid-2020.

Self Storage Street Rates Temper

Year-over-year, the national average street rate remains positive.

Self Storage Rents Remain Slow but Solid

Rent gains will remain modest compared to last year, but seasonal growth is expected to return in the coming months.

Self Storage Rents Stay Level Month-over-Month

Despite slowing rent growth, self storage fundamentals are expected to remain strong during the spring rental season.

Self Storage Rents Remain Steady

Secondary and tertiary markets across the Sun Belt continued to lead growth in the nation.

Self Storage Poised for Growth in 2022

Healthy demand will continue to foster a strong year for the self storage sector.

Self Storage Rents Decline, Demand Stays Strong

Despite moderating rent growth, street rates remained stable by historical standards.

Self Storage Rents Remain Flat Month-over-Month

Markets with strong population and job growth continue to perform well.

Self Storage Rents Show Signs of Slowing Down

Month-over-month rent growth remained flat or negative nationally.

Self Storage Maintains Positive Fundamentals

Elevated demand across the country continued to fuel solid rent performance in August, with all major markets again seeing growth.

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