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What’s Trending Up (and Down) in Apartment Marketing

Surprising finds from Multifamily Insider’s recently released 2017 Apartment Market Strategies Report, including the use of Craigslist ads.

Why Stories Deliver and Statistics Don’t

Shawn Reynolds, director of training at Morgan Communities, shared tips on increasing engagement and retention, speaking at the recent 2017 NAA Education Conference and Exposition.

How to Motivate and Engage Your Team

Takeaways from the recent CFAA Rental Housing Conference panel “Corporate Culture – Pull, Don’t Push” and “Data in Performance Evaluation,” presented by experts from M&R Properties and Killam REIT.

Culture as the Ultimate Business Fuel

Jared Miller explains how to make an organization run smoothly and efficiently, drawing on his experience at companies such as Lane, RedPeak, Bainbridge and his current position at Homestead Development Partners.

Which Hogwarts House Do Your Residents Belong In?

The first Harry Potter book came out 20 years ago. To celebrate, let’s see where your residents would be sorted.

11 Ways to Create Prospect-Centric Apartment Marketing

Today’s digital tools give you entirely new ways to put the customer first in your marketing. Here’s why we think it’s a perfect fit for multifamily.

3 Do’s and 3 Don’ts for Interacting With Pregnant Residents

Customer service is the name of the game for property managers and other employees who work onsite at a community. Here are tips on how to show respect, be helpful and say the right thing to an expectant mom.

5 Tips for Effective Multifamily Email Marketing

Just because more is possible doesn’t mean multifamily operators are using email marketing more effectively.

Betting on Service

There are new developments popping up all over the country. The right kind of customer service can make all the difference. Here are some best practices to improve your relationship with residents.