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Bright Ideas

New design features for multifamily are taking over.

How Sustainable Multifamily Is Finally Paying Off

Developers are seeing a good ROI on green features in apartments. It’s about time.

Too Legit to Quit

The pandemic has led to what some are calling “The Great Resignation.” Here are some suggestions for property managers to promote employee retention.

Creating Appeal

Apartment performance is strong, but so is competition. Here are some key ways to stand out and stay ahead.

Team Effort

Brainstorming as a team provides added value through a range of perspectives and insights—and the tactic can benefit management of your communities, as well.

Live and In Person!

With vaccines and warmer weather, property managers can now plan in-person events.

Site Seeing

Apartment websites are now one-stop shops for your potential renters.

The Next Amenities

The challenge right now is knowing which offerings to convert and which to leave.

New Possibilities

Dedicated, even coordinated, effort will be required in order to emerge from the past year’s difficulties and resume our path forward.

Girl Power

This has been a year.

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