Boral Buys MonierLifetile, Creating Only U.S. Tile and Clay Roofing Company

Roswell, Ga.–Boral USA has just acquired the remaining 50 percent interest in Irvine, Calif.’s MonierLifetile L.L.C. from joint venture partner Oberursel, Germany-based Monier Group. The transaction has allowed Boral to merge its US Tile division with MonierLifetile to create Boral Roofing, an entity that provides a product grouping not available from any other single roofing company in the U.S.

Serving the commercial and residential property industries, Boral’s US Tile provides clayroofing materials and MonierLifetile manufactures concrete roofing materials. “This combines for the first time a company that offers both clay and concrete roof tiles in its product line,” Bob Pacelli, marketing communications manager for Boral Roofing, tells MHN. “Under the new name, Boral Roofing, we have formed one organization with one sales team and one marketing group for these products.”

Not only does the acquisition transaction increase Boral’s product line offering through the creation of Boral Roofing, it widens the company’s reach. “Now, with a sales team covering the nation, we can take the clay product into markets that we hadn’t been into before,” he notes. “It allows us to sell clay tile in markets where we can’t sell concrete tiles because of freeze/thaw requirements for selling tile in certain areas; concrete doesn’t pass in all regions, but clay does. So this is a big expansion for us.”

The newly formed Boral Roofing division is already making moves to reach its new audiences. “We have a special project where we’re doing an assault of sorts on homeowner associations,” Pacelli says. “The sales team is working to identify HOAs across the country to explain what Boral Roofing offers. We’ll sit down with the board members or the property managers and go through an assessment of what they have and what we can offer in their remodel, and how they can benefit from the energy savings the tiles offer and the lifetime warranty.”

While the remodeling market opens up a new area for Boral Roofing, the new division will have its hands in new developments as well, working with general contractors and roofing contractors. “Our sales force will focus on both new roofs and re-roofing projects.”

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