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Using Data to Amplify Marketing’s Voice: Getting a Seat at the Table

The dynamic landscape of the multifamily industry—characterized by evolving resident preferences, market trends and technology—demands a robust approach.

Pet Legislation Update: Rental Housing Operators Should Prepare to Proactively Meet Challenges

With more changes on the horizon, operators should modify restrictive pet policies.

Understanding the “Source of Income” in Fair Housing

The intricacies of housing laws go beyond federal mandates.

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Creating a Frictionless Leasing Experience

If potential renters encounter any difficulties, they are likely to take their search elsewhere. Here’s how to make the process go smoothly.


How to Attract Pet-Loving Residents Through Your Marketing Efforts

Many communities have become pet-friendly. Here’s how to take it a step further.


Exploring New Innovative Ideas to Enhance Asset Managers’ Portfolio Oversight

Tips to stay competitive in the evolving financial landscape.


Maximizing Property Management Efficiency: Strategies for Success

How to reduce cycle times, enhance productivity and provide top-notch services to residents and property owners. 

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‘Property Turnaround’: What Does That Mean?

Starting small is the best way to achieve a successful reboot.