Suzann D. Silverman

Suzann D. Silverman is editorial director of CPE. She has covered the commercial and multifamily real estate industry since 1995, becoming editor-in-chief of Commercial Property Executive (formerly Commercial Property News) in 1998 and editorial director of both CPE and Multi-Housing News in 2016. She is also serving a second term as a board member of the National Association of Real Estate Editors. You can reach her at [email protected]

Single-Family Rentals’ New Attraction

As institutional investors finesse homeownership, they’re discovering that apartment efficiencies and amenities can apply. And they can attract even more interest in home rental.

New Solutions to Housing Affordability

Rising construction costs are complicating efforts to meet demand for low-income housing. But new collaborations and the President’s recently announced plan offer possibilities for success.

Multifamily Real Estate’s Mandate for Climate Change

Environmental efforts have historically taken a backseat during recessions. But real estate’s significant contributions to the carbon footprint necessitate a change in thinking regardless of the economic climate.

Senior’s Moment

Demand for senior housing is back up, attracting investors, developers—and robot dogs!

Outlook: 2022

The multifamily sector is poised for further growth. But that doesn't mean you should just sit back and wait for it to happen.

Smart Score

With implementation of smart technology so prevalent among apartment communities, how do you make your offerings stand out?

Creating Appeal

Apartment performance is strong, but so is competition. Here are some key ways to stand out and stay ahead.

Team Effort

Brainstorming as a team provides added value through a range of perspectives and insights—and the tactic can benefit management of your communities, as well.

The Next Amenities

The challenge right now is knowing which offerings to convert and which to leave.

New Possibilities

Dedicated, even coordinated, effort will be required in order to emerge from the past year’s difficulties and resume our path forward.