Lew Sichelman


Multifamily Construction Continues Amid Coronavirus

According to a report from American Bankers Association, construction has seen a revival and lending will continue.

A Hard Time for Homebuyers Might Be a Boon for Multifamily

Because of COVID-19, many Millennials might find it difficult to purchase a single-family home right now. But that doesn't mean they'll stay put in their current apartments.

Rental Payment Stats Questioned

Columnist Lew Sichelman looks at the most recent rental payment numbers.

More May Rents May Be Late, Poll Says

A snapshot of multifamily rent payment trends, plus projections for the future.

COVID-19 Hit on Multifamily Will Be ‘Modest’

According to Charles Hewlett, managing director at RCLCO, the recession will be short, and the apartment industry might not be hit too hard. Here's why he thinks so.

Gen Z Residents Reshape Multifamily Operations

This cohort is 44 million strong, extremely tech-savvy and used to instant results. Are you prepared to handle their living needs?