Lew Sichelman


‘WhyNot’ Turn Unleased Units Into Hotel Rooms? 

Developers can monetize empty apartments by partnering with hotel operators, contends columnist Lew Sichelman.

Shuttered Hotels, Motels Find New Life

Fresh ideas include tax incentives for converting vacant properties into much-needed housing, notes columnist Lew Sichelman.

Housing Ladder Gridlock Cramps Apartment Sector

Major factors are constricting the flow of available rental vacancies within major cities and driving local mobility to record low levels, contends columnist Lew Sichelman.

A Third of New Units Are Larger

After years of shrinking the size of apartments, developers are forced to reconsider this option as residents no longer want to compromise on space, argues columnist Lew Sichelman.

Apartments Drive Growth in Self Storage 

Self storage facilities have become as American as Mom and Apple Pie, says columnist Lew Sichelman.

Sense of Community Key to Lease Renewals

The pandemic has had little impact on the main reason residents renew their leases, explains columnist Lew Sichelman.

Multifamily Is a Net Zero Leader

Apartments now account for 75 percent of the total zero energy stock in Canada and the U.S., explains columnist Lew Sichelman.

Urban Locations Maintain Their Attraction

StorageCafe found that the anticipated exodus to the suburbs and small towns never really materialized, explains columnist Lew Sichelman.

Average Rent Due to Pass $6K, Minorities Feel Most at Risk

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau estimates the number of residents behind on their rents will reach nearly 7 million by the end of June, columnist Lew Sichelman reports.

Big Demographic Goes Small

Columnist Lew Sichelman analyzes RentCafe data that suggests developers go small in the size of their markets instead of their projects.