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Donicia Irizarry

Mission Success: Serving Middle-Income Residents When Costs Increase

OneWall Communities’ Donicia Irizarry talks about what it’s like to work in workforce housing today and shares details about her two-decade-long career.

NAA Insights: What Are Multifamily Operators’ Biggest Concerns?

Staffing issues continue to be one of the main challenges in the industry. Paula Munger reveals the results of the association’s latest surveys.

Cypress Manufactured Housing Community

Changing Stereotypes in Manufactured Housing

Regal Communities’ Director of Acquisitions Zachary Ratzker shares details of the company’s ambitious renovation plans.

Orlando. Photo by Alex Potemkin/

Orlando Multifamily Report – July 2023

Central Florida is showing sound but slowing fundamentals.

TJ Edward

Walker & Dunlop’s TJ Edwards on the GSEs and Other Sources of Multifamily Financing

Experienced investors are still finding ways to finance their deals, according to Edwards.

Mission Success: Why NYC Needs More Diverse, Inclusive Housing 

Melanie La Rocca, a former city official now serving as BFC Partners’ COO, dives into what it takes to move the needle.

Mission Success: Tips for Building a Healthy Workplace Culture

A sound environment starts with communication and empowering employees, says ECI Group’s Suzy Alford in our latest podcast.

Miami. Photo by Bilanol/

Miami Multifamily Report – June 2023

Hot South Florida market cools down, with above-average rent growth but slowing investment.

Twin Cities. Photo by atosan/

Twin Cities Multifamily Report – May 2023

Despite a general slowdown, rates are improving once more.

Charlotte. Photo by Jonathan Ardila/

Charlotte Multifamily Report – May 2023

The area is expected to outperform in 2023.