Caitlin Walter

  • Blurring the Line Between Cities and Suburbs

    Given shifts in development trends, NMHC research shows that housing density may provide a better framework for evaluating multifamily trends than traditional city-vs.-suburb designations.

    National 02 May 2018 06:30
  • Everything but the Kitchen Sink

    Government data provides us with telling characteristics of the 21 million apartments in the U.S., but there is much less data available on how apartment residents live in their homes and how those habits affect their energy consumption.

    National 04 October 2017 08:14
  • Are Millennials Really Different?

    Many generalizations have been made, primarily by marketing professionals, about today’s young adults, but are they really that different from other generations at the same age? We debunk some common myths.

    National 30 May 2017 08:29
  • Who’s the greenest?

    Caitlin Walter Energy efficiency matters to resid...

    National 20 April 2017 13:27