Adriana Pop

Ioana Adriana Pop is a senior associate editor with Commercial Property Executive and Multi-Housing News. She joined CPE and MHN in 2012. Connect with her on twitter: @AdrianaINews

West Chelsea’s Lantern-Shaped Towers

Designer Elliot March shares details on the structure’s complex interior.

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Two EDSA landscape architects take a deep dive into future-forward design patterns for senior living communities, highlighting how the elders’ preferences are changing.

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Will the return to the office stimulate the metro's multifamily industry? Here's what Robert Morgenstern, principal of Canvas Property Group and Morgenstern Capital, thinks.

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As lawmakers weigh a proposal to make conversions easier, architect and renovation expert Stephen Jacobs shares insights on moving forward in today’s challenging market.

An Insider’s Perspective on NYC’s Multifamily Market

Michael Feldman, co-founder & CEO of Choice New York Cos., discusses the pandemic’s impact and the way demand has shifted across the city’s boroughs.

Inland Empire Multifamily Report – Winter 2020

Boosted by a lack of new stock and steady population gains, rent growth exceeded the national average going into 2020.

Philadelphia Multifamily Report – Winter 2020

A slow pipeline and enduring demand have reinforced the metro's steady fundamentals going into 2020.

Orange County Multifamily Report – Winter 2020

Although transactions nearly ground to a halt in anticipation of the new regulations, the area's multifamily sector finished 2019 on a high note.

Cleveland Multifamily Report – Winter 2020

Boosted by the ongoing revival of the city core, the metro's rental market wrapped up 2019 on a positive note.

Indianapolis Multifamily Report – Fall 2019

Spurred by robust population growth and household creation, the city's rental demand is keeping up with supply.