Apartment Jobs Snapshot for Q1 2020

In this edition of NAAEI’s Apartment Jobs Snapshot, apartment job listings comprised nearly 41.0 percent of available real estate positions during the first quarter, increasing five percentage points since last year.

Demand for apartment jobs continued to show strength despite interruptions from COVID-19, however the impacts did not fully hit the economy until the last two weeks of the data collection period. Some companies are experiencing a significant reduction in turnover since the coronavirus, many employees have opted to stay with their current companies due to the uncertainty the virus has created.

Property manager positions were in highest demand during the quarter and had the largest growth in demand since 2019. Dallas, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Seattle and San Francisco ranked highest in concentration of apartment job availabilities.

Demand for student housing property management professionals was greatest in Columbus, Ohio; Chicago, Tempe, Ariz.; Austin and College Station, Texas. Due to disruptions schools are facing caused by COVID-19, many student housing employers are ensuring they are adequately staffed and prepared for the upcoming competitive summer leasing season.

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