Editorial Mission That Delivers Your Target Audience


The multi-housing competitive landscape has changed. It's no secret that the pace of business has changed.

We are all always connected and work never stops.

To stand out -- to reach prospective customers and then make an impact -- advertising needs to be seen by the right people in the right context.

Senior-level Multi-Housing Executives demand a variety of information to better execute their strategies and complete deals. And they need it now. From news and trend information on key areas of the business to critical real estate, economic and demographic data to insights into executive and corporate strategies and important deals, Multi-Housing News provides the timely, actionable, objective information Multi-Housing executives need to close deals and maintain a successful business.

Entering its 53rd year, Multi-Housing News has completed the transition to exclusively digital publishing and distribution platforms to better serve the readers' needs for the absolute best content in the business. MHN's frictionless delivery channels enable our editorial staff to provide more information, and get it in front of the readers faster than is possible with legacy print publications.

Integrating our daily and bi-weekly newsletters with constant updates to and the monthly release of the Multi-Housing News digital magazine, MHN is the undisputed leader of the pack with original content and first-in-the-industry news and reports.

MHN is committed to:

Giving you access to key decision-makers with the greatest buying power through a fully integrated platform of digital, web and live-event opportunities

Delivering information that's in sync with audience needs:

Data, analysis and in-depth profiles in print;

News perspectives and late-breaking developments posted online throughout each day;

Expert commentary and thought leadership

Special "Starting Line-Up" incentive programs that maximize your marketing reach and ROI while minimizing your costs.

About our Readers …

A Laser Focus on the Senior-Level Executives Who Wield the Real Buying Power

Multi-Housing News delivers the industry's leading audience of more than 49,000 senior-level decision makers, representing organizations with the greatest buying power in multi-housing real estate.

These top-level executives in firms across the spectrum of the industry are both shaping big-picture strategy and signing off on the products and services their companies need to succeed.

Thus, your sales and branding message will be seen and read not only by those individuals with the power and authority to buy, but by those intent on ensuring they are making the best buying decisions for their company.

Only MHN is specifically written for this demographic.

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