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Nov. 20, 2012

Pixi FlatLight Luminaries Make for the Perfect Replacement Light

By Michael Ratliff, Associate Editor

Pixi FlatLight Luminaries

Lighting is a focal area of design that is oftentimes overlooked in apartment units and common areas. Updated lighting is an easy and efficient way to redefine a space and save some money. But commercial grade fluorescent lights are too sterile and harsh for the job, and architectural lighting can be a bit out of reach in price depending on the asset. A good solution must create warm light, be attractive and energy efficient, and most importantly, be easy to install.

Pixi LED FlatLight Luminaries deliver on all marks. The thin (.55 inches thick) panels create an evenly distributed LED glow using similar technology to what is found in high-end thin panel LED televisions. They deliver optimal light distribution, washing walls and illuminating work surfaces without glare or hotspots. These features make them a perfect solution for under-cabinet lighting, under-counter lighting, bathroom lighting, wall lighting, ceiling lighting, suspended lighting, recessed lighting, or T-bar lighting.

But the real secret to Pixi’s product is the internal power supply. While other companies have built thin panel LED lights, all have had either external or bulky internal power supplies. Pixi’s thin internal power supply allows for quick and easy installation on any flat surface without having to make any cuts. The fixtures are available in residential and commercial-grade variants, both of which use up to 80 percent less energy than incandescent lighting. The 50,000-hour lifespan (11.4 years turned on for 12 hours a day) ensures that you won’t need to replace anything soon.

Residential fixtures come in a warm 2700k color temperature, while commercial grade panels feature a more neutral 4000k color temperature. Commercial panels are available in 2- by 2-ft. and 1- by 4-ft. sizes, and last 60 percent longer than standard troffer lighting. Residential panels are available in 1- by 1-ft., 1- by 2-ft., and 2- by 2-ft. sizes.  All variants are lead and mercury free (EU RoHS compliant).

For more information on Pixi, be sure to check out their website.

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