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Apr. 23, 2013

GE’s Ergo-Friendly Frontload Washer and Dryer Take the Strain out of Laundry

A property’s laundry setup can be a make or break deal for prospective renters. A clean, well-lit room with plenty of machines can make a big difference in your residents’ day-to-day routines. Several rooms spread across your community is really the best way to go. But in addition to a generous layout, a new line of appliances from GE are built for comfort in use, and can take some strain out of the one chore that no one really likes doing.

The GE RightHeight frontload washer and dryer have the industry’s largest openings and the first built-in-riser that minimizes bends and long reaches when loading and removing clothes. The risers effectively bring up the height of the ENERGY STAR qualified machines by 7 inches. This brings the height of the entire machine up to 47 inches, which makes the top a usable space for folding clothes.

This washer and dryer come with a full suite of luxury features including a stain removal guide based on the five most commonly researched stains on the Internet (grass, wine, blood, tomato and dirt) that accordingly adjusts temperature, spin speed, wash action and soak times. There is also a steam assist, detangle assist and an environmentally friendly single-item wash.

While the units are not cheap (estimated retail price for a washer and dryer come in at $1,399) these high tech and ergonomically designed appliances can be used as a marketing tool for perspective renters. Best yet, your current residents will hold every potential future apartment against the standards you set. Who knows, they might never want to leave.