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May. 16, 2013

SyndicIT Services Announces Associated Estates Realty Corporation’s Deployment of Digital Document Management Technology

Kensington, N.H.—SyndicIT Services (SyndicIT) today announced that Associated Estates Realty Corporation has deployed the company’s DocumenIT service for digital document and content management. The national roll-out of DocumenIT was deployed to further lower costs, speed business processes and advance its commitment to ‘green’ business practices.

DocumenIT, a SaaS-based service, enables Associated Estates to capture, store, manage, and workflow its paper and electronic documents via an enterprise-wide digital platform. Use of the system further enhances sound business continuity practices and increases the security of its own business documents and those of its resident files. Being deployed in more than 50 property locations throughout the United States, Associated Estates’ property teams  and corporate employees  now have immediate, anytime, anywhere access to business and leasing documents.

“Through this initiative, Associated Estates continues to demonstrate its leadership in the adoption and deployment of technology designed to continually improve the online and electronic experiences for our current and future residents, while also providing clear evidence of our responsibility to the environment  that we all share,” said Allen Ingram, CTO, Associated Estates.

“SyndicIT is pleased and excited to be in service to Associated Estates and to support Associated Estates’ industry leadership in deploying enterprise-wide document management technology,” said Lauryn Schimmel, managing director, SyndicIT.

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