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Feb. 21, 2013

Three Creative Ways to Attract New Residents

By Jessica Fiur, News Editor

There is a funny movie from 1989 called Troop Beverly Hills about a rich woman named Phyllis Nefler (Shelley Long) who takes over her daughter’s Wilderness Girls troop, even though she knows nothing about the great outdoors. Of course, she prevails at the end. During the movie, Phyllis has her troop sell cookies, and has the girls set up shop in front of a gym. Of course, the girls sell out their stock.

A great lesson for property managers: Advertise to a captive audience, think out of the box and market to your target audience.

Online ads and social media are great ways to advertise vacancies in your building, of course, and are necessary today. But here are three additional creative ways you can appeal to prospective renters.

Read on for the three suggestions.

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