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Sep. 26, 2013

Multifamily Living, Multiple Choices

Christopher Frye thumbnailBy Christopher Frye, Senior Manager, NEEA

To get a sense of how residents in the Northwest use energy in their multifamily homes and how units are constructed across the region, Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) recently studied residents’ habits based on a random and representative sample of 230 buildings and 552 units in the Northwest.

The results of the study, “Residential Building Stock Assessment: Multifamily Characteristics and Energy Use,” will help guide the region’s utilities and energy efficiency organizations to identify opportunities for energy efficiency programs.

The study will also help guide the development of efficiency resources to meet the region’s future energy requirements.

However, from a builder, developer or multifamily executive standpoint, there are some interesting metrics and facts gleaned from the study that illustrate the energy use patterns of individual units, the size of structures, how multifamily homes are built and what appliances and technologies are used to heat and cool the buildings.

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