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Aug. 31, 2012

Editor’s Note: Back to School

Diana Mosher, Editorial Director

We recently produced a webcast exploring the most common training challenges experienced by apartment companies and the advantages of e-learning. This webinar can be viewed on demand. One of the pain points experienced by training departments within apartment companies is onboarding new employees and getting them up to speed quickly in order to avoid costly dips in performance.

E-learning solutions enable apartment companies of all sizes to implement new employee training on Day One. They also allow management to leverage the talent pool and facilitate promotion from within. Tracking tools simplify staying abreast of performance details for large numbers of employees across a far-flung portfolio—and since you can see which employees are struggling with specific skill sets, costly in-person training can be deployed only when and where it’s needed.

In the spirit of September, this month’s cover story looks at the educational requirements needed to enter the apartment industry, as well as the continuing education and in-house training required to keep skills sharp, enable advancement and keep professional certifications current.

Many of the people found in higher-level positions, such as vice president, tend to have come up through the ranks. As a result, they have a strong knowledge of the industry, an understanding of today’s resident and have pursued an MBA or other relevant degree.

However, things change quickly in the apartment industry, so industry veterans who don’t want to be left behind need to keep up with the latest advancements and theories. Professional associations have established certificate programs in residential property management and offer a wide range of classes online and at a multitude of locations around the country.

Meanwhile, many residential property management employers have set up their own in-house training departments and provide professional development courses on company time. This range of options makes going back to school easier for even the busiest schedules.

Diana Mosher
Editorial Director