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Mar. 6, 2013

Former Solyndra Factory Given New Life as Seagate Unveils R&D Facility Plan

By Alex Girda, Associate Editor

The former Solyndra solar factory in Fremont is seeing sunshine again as the abandoned facility is set to be re-adapted. The site, previously owned by the failed solar panel manufacturer, will be transformed by Seagate Technology into a new research and development complex to be used by the data storage giant.

As Seagate is looking to the future of disk drives with its successful solid state and hybrid data disks, the company wants to capitalize on its current success and come up with the next big thing in data storage systems.

The old Solyndra site will be given a complete makeover as it morphs into a $180 million state-of-the-art R&D facility. Located on Kato Road in Fremont, the 411,000-square foot complex was bought by Seagate earlier this year for a fee of $90 million, San Jose Mercury News writes. The rest of the $180 million budget will be directed towards acquiring and installing the equipment that will turn the former factory into a Seagate facility that would create up to around 600 jobs in the field.

According to Mercury News, Seagate shopped around the Bay Area and Silicon Valley looking at around 40 potential locations to house the new project.

Solyndra closed down in 2011, a move that resulted in more than 1,000 layoffs. Seagate’s takeover of the facility will be a move welcomed by the local community, one that most likely would have preferred to avoid having an eyesore in the form of the former solar-panel manufacturing plant.

Image courtesy of user DarkSilverR53 via Panoramio

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