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Aug. 25, 2013

SummerHill Appoints Patrick S. Simons as Senior VP of New SoCal Division

By Alex Girda, Associate Editor

The growing multifamily market of Southern California is prompting changes to companies and shifting strategies. To that effect, SummerHill Apartment Communities, a division of SummerHill Housing Group, has enlisted the talents of Patrick S. Simons, an industry veteran, to help with the company’s brand new SoCal division. Simons will serve as senior vice president with SummerHill, and he will run the developer’s new Irvine office, located at 18401 Von Karman Avenue.

The move underscores the change in direction that SummerHill is deploying; the company has come up with a development plan for the lower part of the state. Its aim is to repeat the success in Northern California, and the man that the company is betting will get it done is Patrick S. Simons. According to SummerHill Housing Group’s President and CEO, Robert Freed, “Patrick is a 20-year veteran of multifamily real estate with exceptional organizational leadership skills to build our Southern California division for long-term growth.”

A press statement released by the developer noted that the first objective of the new SoCal division is to come up with a high volume of projects. The new senior vice president will handle land acquisitions, financing, and the various stages of development up to the leasing process and disposition of apartment assets.

SummerHill Apartment Communities already has a generous pipeline of 1,200 units up in NoCal, while the rest of California is lacking major projects from the developer. The strategy will now include both the acquisition of entitled, permit-ready sites ripe for development, but also the purchase of unentitled lots that present great opportunities for multifamily development.

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