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Feb. 20, 2013

Microsoft Strengthens Retail and Office Presence in Westside Tech Submarket

By Alex Girda, Associate Editor

As Microsoft continues its steady expansion into the retail world, the company is also gaining a stronger footing in major tech hubs. With upcoming real estate deals the Redmond, WA-based tech giant has lined up, it is poised to expand its Los Angeles office space presence. The company is close to completing two different leasing deals in the city’s growing Westside technology-driven submarket.

According to The Los Angeles Business Journal, Microsoft’s entertainment division, the one responsible for the massive gaming hit that is the Xbox console, is preparing to carve out new office space at 520 Broadway in Santa Monica. The amount of space that Microsoft would be taking over once the deal is finalize has not been disclosed.

The second move that the company is looking to finalize is a brand new 25,000-square-foot office lease at 13031 Jefferson Boulevard in Playa Vista. Microsoft is ready to move its customer-focused software and sales teams from downtown L.A. to this more tech-centric setting. In fact, the organization looks eager to move most of its operations to the city’s Westside, in order to get in on the revived Silicon Beach surge.

Clues regarding Microsoft’s intentions were revealed as early as November 2012, when the company further expanded its already growing retail presence with an 11,000-square foot lease in Venice. The new retail spot offers the company visibility in that area’s flourishing tech market, and it also paves the way for its current office moves. The aggressive retail moves that Microsoft has made recently clearly highlight its new persona as an integrated technology provider rather than a core software provider, emulating the blueprint for success of its competitor Apple.

Image courtesy of Google Maps