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Jun. 13, 2013

Eurasia Resorts Seeks Return to Super-Sized Development

By Alex Girda, Associate Editor

In recent years, the tendency to turn away  from the mega-resorts of the Las Vegas Strip toward projects of more modest proportions has seemed to mark a new direction. Yet the interest in developing projects on a monumental scale has hardly vanished. Case in point: the recent announcement by Eurasia Resorts International Ltd. for what it touts as a world-class entertainment initiative.

The company’s proposal would provide at least one element that Las Vegas has been seeking for some time, namely an international sports facility. Also part of Eurasia Resorts’ plan is a 15-million square-foot mall that would become the world’s largest retail center. \

Six hotels, 39 casinos and an additional six million convention center would rise, as well. Adding to the city’s inventory of exhibition and meeting space has come onto the radar this year with the announcement of plans for a makeover and expansion of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Eurasia Resorts International and its partner, Global Financial Trust Ltd., say they will unveil details of their massive proposal during the first quarter of 2014.