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Aug. 26, 2013

University of Cincinnati’s Morgens Hall Open for Students Following $35M Renovation

By Adrian Maties, Associate Editor


The University of Cincinnati recently announced it is preparing for another all-time record enrollment. The 194-year old university expects 43,000 students to attend classes this year and, in order to welcome them, it unveiled its $35 million renovation of Morgens Hall on Aug. 15.

The residence hall was constructed in 1964 by architectural firm F.W. Pressler & Associates, as part of a three-building complex that also included Scioto and Sawyer halls. Named after Howard J. Morgens, former president of Procter & Gamble, it is the only one still open to students. Sawyer was razed in 2006 and Scioto has been closed since 2008.

Morgens Hall is now shining bright at 2931 Scioto Lane, near the intersection of Martin Luther King Drive and Jefferson Avenue. The old concrete-and-brick exterior has been replaced with 2,000 high-tech glass panels that will offer the building greater insulation. Morgens Hall was designed in collaboration with Richard Fleischman + Partners Architects and is expected to achieve LEED status.

UC students moved in on Aug. 21. All available rooms were spoken for less than a month after they became available, in February. There are 144 apartments with a total of 456 beds. Morgens Hall offers four different apartment styles:

  • two-person small studio;
  • two-person standard studio;
  • three-person, two-bedroom apartment;
  • eight-person, five-bedroom apartment.

Multiple-occupancy units cost $3,938 per person each semester, while single-occupancy bedrooms in the two- or five-bedroom apartments cost $4,175 per person each semester. All the apartments contain full bathrooms and kitchens as well as furniture designed by UC students.


Photo Credits: The University of Cincinnati

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