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Mar. 15, 2013

K-8 Public School to Replace Mitt Romney’s Former HQs in Boston

By Veronica Grecu, Associate Editor

In an effort to respond the demand for more schools in Boston’s Downtown area and allow more children to attend schools closer to their homes, city officials unveiled plans to purchase the former national headquarters for the Mitt Romney presidential campaign and transform it into a public elementary school (or a “K-8 Public School”)

The currently vacant three-story building located at 585 Commercial Street in the North End section was previously occupied by a retail showroom of Roche Bobois Furniture, according to the Boston Business Journal. Built in the early 1960s for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration—a federal aid program— the 42,000-square-foot facility was Mitt Romney’s headquarters for six years, between 2006 and November 2012.

Mayor Thomas Menino still needs the green light from the City Council to spend $12.85 million to buy the property from CrossHarbor Capital Partners and permission from the School Committee to open a new school in the area, reports the Boston Globe.

If the transaction is approved, the building would initially house several students enrolled with the Eliot K-8 School until this institution’s expansion project is completed. Renovation at the new K-8 public school within the 585 Commercial Street building is set to begin only after the Eliot K-8 School is operational at the second campus which is under construction at the North Bennet Street School. The renovated facility is expected to open by September 2006 to accommodate around 500 students in kindergarten through Grade 8 will, notes the Globe.

A final decision on the matter is expected to be announced by City Council representatives by the end of the week.

Image courtesy of LoopNet