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Publisher and Research Editor: Jack Kern 212.977.0041 ext. 2444

Editorial Team
Editorial Director: Diana Mosher 212.977.0041 ext. 3409
Executive Editor: Keat Foong 212.977.0041 ext. 3408
Senior Editor: Jessica Fiur 212.977.0041 ext. 3420
Senior Associate Editor: Michael Ratliff 212.977.0041 ext. 3407
Associate Editor: Andie Lowenstein 212.977.0041 ext. 3428
Creative Director: Michelle Matteson 212.977.0041 ext. 3406
City Page Editors
Eliza Theiss
Adriana Pop
Balazs Szekely
Veronica Grecu
Alex Girda
Ioana Neamt
Liviu Oltean
Anca Gagiuc
Adrian Maties
Advertising Director: Rich Davis 212.977.0041 ext. 3427
Media Production Coordinator: Chris De Jong 212.977.0041 ext. 7521
Reprints: Anastasia Minichino
The YGS Group
717.505.9701 ext. 168

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Multi-Housing News
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